Are You Achieving Your Goals, or Just Setting Them?

goals It’s January again — the time of New Year’s resolutions, annual planning, etc. — in a word: goals.

Life is a list of goals. Personal and professional aspirations motivate us to act every day in order to attain a result that will put us ahead in the game of life. Maybe you want to lose weight, stop smoking, become a manager, get a degree, or find a life partner; in every case, you are aiming at a goal.

In order to enjoy a balanced life, there are six areas in your life for which you must define goals:

– Finances
– Relationships
– Contribution
– Health
– Spirit
– Business

Once you define a goal, you start working to attain it and begin to see some progress, but at some point, something happens and you get stuck or find yourself back where you started…this might get you down, but it is quite normal.

Most people don’t attain their goals not because they’re not motivated, but because they don’t know how to define attainable goals and keep working to get there. As every successful business coach will tell you, that’s the difference between successful people and the ones who must struggle to survive. Successful people know how to define and attain goals. Surround yourself with successful people and you will see the patterns.

Here are the six requisites every successful person meets to attain his or her goals:

  1. Dream big
    Think out of the box and establish ambitious goals. Do not set goals thinking that there is a limit to what you can achieve. The only limit is yourself and the past conditioning you allow to stop you from getting what you want.
  2. Write down detailed goals
    Successful people know that writing down their goals initiates the process. This is why you have to be specific, because what you write down is what will begin to happen. Your achievements will be as accurate as what you wrote, because you are appealing to the universal laws and are setting your mind to work as focused as possible. So don’t write down that you want a new car; explain that you want a new full extras, silver BMW, with black leather seats, a full warranty and full service for life.
  3. Your goals must be in harmony with your values
    You will attain your goals easily if you are working on something you value, because it means you are aligned with your purpose in life. First, define your values and second, base your goals on them.
  4. hopeYour goals must include two things:
    a. A specific plan to attain each
    b. The correct beliefs and mindset
    Without these, you will never attain your goals, thus, clarify your beliefs and think about what actions will lead you to attaining your dreams.
  5. Check your goals daily
    Before you get out of bed, before you eat your breakfast, check your list of goals. Visualize your life once you attain them: how does it feel? Check them before going to bed at night too. What you are doing is programming your brain to work on your goals subconsciously, and to expect them to become a reality.
  6. Never lose hope
    You never lose, even if you don’t get what you wanted. In case your dream doesn’t become a reality, remember that you still have what you learned in the process. Experience is crucial to advancing in life. As long as you focus on what you want, you will find the way to get there, in spite of the problems or setbacks you may encounter.

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