Chevy Announces Mancation Winners: Everyone!


I don’t think Chevy quite knew what they were in for when they picked Nan Palmero, Mike D. Merrill and me for this Mancation promo. Apparently, we quite outdid ourselves not only in the creative department, but also the subsequent marketing/campaigning for the contest to win a second mancation. From the Chevy Texas blog:

The response was so terrific and such a pleasant surprise that we’ve decided, that, frankly, and in all fairness, they all are winners.

Originally, we planned on declaring just one Mancations winner and awarding him the grand prize – a Victory Mancation, courtesy of Chevy. But we’re so impressed with the outcome that we will award that prize to all three.

Chevy took a risk and ended up with something great – I hope other auto companies (and beyond) will follow their model.  What they did was incentivize us properly to make some truly excellent consumer-generated media:

When we loaned three Chevys to Mike, Scott andNan, we were excited to see what they would come up with for their Mancations. After all, the trips were planned completely by them with Chevy providing only the transportation and lodging for a night. […] In essence, they didn’t just take a trip – they told a story. The Mancations became a perfect venue to show off these guys’ superb storytelling talents – they wrote, uploaded pictures and made amazing videos of their adventures. They also told compelling, personal stories, using their Chevys as well as their brothers, sons and friends as main characters.

Thanks again to everyone involved: the Chevy Texas team, my fellow Mancationers, and especially to all my family, friends and fans who voted. Y’all rock! Wish I could take every one of you on the next one!


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