Dinner, Mancation Style

For our Chevy Mancation, I took my son, Jordan, and his best friend, Judd, to Port Aransas for a deep sea fishing trip out of Captain Kelly’s Deep Sea Headquarters. Our goal was simple: catch dinner. Mission accomplished!

Fish on! He put up quite a fight:

Mancation dinner 1

Judd and his 12-lb king mackerel:

Mancation dinner 2

We left the cleaning to the experts:

Mancation dinner 3

On the advice of the Gulf Eagle crew, we marinated it in Italian dressing overnight (I also did about half of it in Caribbean jerk marinade):

Mancation dinner 4

Fish on the barbie:

Mancation dinner 5


Mancation dinner 6

Beautiful on the plate:

Mancation dinner 7

Dinner, mancation style, completed:

Mancation dinner 8 

It was, of course, delicious… there’s just nothing quite like fresh fish, especially that you’ve caught yourself. Turns out Judd, who caught it, had never actually eaten his own catch. While he’d been fishing before and caught stuff, he only started eating fish recently, once he got on a health kick. It took him a couple of minutes to work up the courage, but in the end, he really enjoyed it too. So our Mancation dinner actually turned into kind of a rite of passage!

And for the record, the Italian dressing was good, but the jerk marinade was better. Fantastic with grilled bananas and rice. Yum!

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