1103660_hands_up This morning I received possibly the best marketing email I’ve ever seen, from Ray Edwards. It started like this:

Yep, blood in the streets.

In the financial markets, and
literal blood, too.

…that’s what’s on the news.

I speak out against spreading more bad
feelings, and it offends a certain number of

I know bad things have happened.

I don’t deny the reality – but I DEFY the
spirit these things create in people.


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All of my life, I’ve been an irrepressible optimist. I’ve had a lot of people tell me that I’m not being realistic, or that I’m in denial. But Ray’s email this morning really captured my sentiment beautifully – I’m not in denial, I’m in defiance. I DEFY HOPELESSNESS. And I don’t deny the reality, I just CHOOSE how to react to it.

Depending on your world view, you may or may not be in full control of the circumstances of your life. But no matter what your world view, you ALWAYS have the Power of Choice regarding your ATTITUDE and ACTIONS. You can’t change your past, but you can always change your future.

Image: Nob3L

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