Napoleon Hill Video – Think & Grow Rich Part 1

I read Think and Grow Rich 20 years ago. I thought I understood it at the time. Through a series of serendipities, I’m now re-reading it and realizing how much I really just didn’t get it. I took it in intellectually, but I didn’t really put it into practice — make it a part of my life — not just daily, but hourly, or even minute-by-minute.

In the process of rediscovering Napoleon Hill, I’ve found that there are some videos on YouTube that were actually made by him. Amazing to think that at the time he made them, they weren’t going on TV, they weren’t going on videotape, or DVD. Could he have even conceived of YouTube? And yet, he knew that these needed to be recorded, for future generations, even if they were only going to have limited distribution in his own lifetime.
Watch and enjoy. There are about a dozen more on YouTube if you like this one.

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  1. Rob Cubbon

    Quite serendipitous that you post this now as I’ve just finished reading the book for the first time. I’m not sure that I really “got” it and I’ll be reading it again soon. However, it was great to see this. Thanks!

    1. Scott Allen

      I haven’t been able to find the exact year, but the early 1960s. Amazing — there was practically no distribution channel for it at the time, and yet, he recorded it for a future when there might be. Could even he have imagined YouTube?

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