Over the years, I’ve occasionally found that perfect combination of words that concisely, eloquently and memorably expresses whatI’m thinking. Some people liked some of them, so I decided to start actually collecting them and laying claim to them. Please enjoy and share! I’ve included my Twitter handle to make it easy to copy/paste them.

Social media
“The best way to get found online is to make yourself findable.” [email protected]

“Twitter is a free market where ideas are the commodity and attention is the currency.” [email protected]


“Epithets are the armor of a weak argument and the weapon of a weak mind.” [email protected]

“You have no right to call me an idiot if you don’t show me how I’m wrong, and no need to call me one if you do.” [email protected]


“Some people choose not to donate their services because they believe that it somehow devalues them by “giving them away.” In truth, there is nothing that demonstrates the value of your skills more than putting them to good use for a cause you believe in.” [email protected]

Personal Development / Philosophy

“Your present happiness is determined more by your future possibility than your past reality.” [email protected]

“A man’s grasp must occasionally meet his reach, or what’s worth living for?” [email protected]

“Success is when your execution catches up to your imagination.” [email protected]

“The history of human achievement has been driven by people who didn’t just think outside the box, but who thought outside the entire box paradigm.” [email protected]

“What’s the difference between motivation and inspiration? Motivation impels us to do; inspiration compels us to feel. A few rare things…and people…do both.” [email protected]

“Live what you truly believe, every second of every minute of every hour of every day. Do that and all the rest will take care of itself.” [email protected]

“This is the essence of character: the will and ability to put principle into action.” [email protected]

“Never let a sense of what is right blind you to what is true.”  [email protected]

“He who does it first may do well, but he who does it best will do better.” [email protected]

“Done is better than perfect.”  [email protected]

“You and I may agree that there is absolute truth. If we can’t agree what it is, our alternatives are relativism or war.” [email protected]


“A project is complete when it starts working for you, rather than you working for it.” [email protected]

“Sometimes it takes an expert to point out the obvious.” [email protected]

“He who does it first may do well, but he who does it best will do better.” [email protected]

“Done is better than perfect.”  [email protected]


“Politics and pundits have short memories when it serves their purpose.” [email protected]


  1. Kevin Cullis

    Hey Scott,

    FINALLY!! I found out who owns the quote “Done is better than perfect” is. Whew!! Thanks for a great quote, may I use it in a class I intend to give? I’ll attribute it to you and this site.

    Have a great week.


    P.S. I’ll be back.

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