+ WordPress + Chrome = Malware Warning

For some inexplicable reason, my blog is producing malware errors in Google Chrome, saying that my site contains code from


The problem occurs:

  • Only in Chrome – Firefox and IE are fine.
  • Only on single posts, not the home page, categories, or pages (that I’ve seen).
  • Intermittently – fairly consistently on certain posts, but then not on others

So far, to troubleshoot it, I have:

  • Made sure WordPress, all plugins and my theme are up-to-date.
  • Tried deactivating all plugins
  • Reinstalled WordPress

Google doesn’t seem to have much on the domain, so this must be a new and fairly unique problem. I figured I’d be finding all kinds of things about it, but whatever the problem is, I seem to Patient Zero, or darn near it.

Any ideas would be helpful.

UPDATE: I got on with GoDaddy support and we restored my files to last week… seemed to fix the problem. Meanwhile, I’ve installed a couple of security plug-ins. Hopefully the database isn’t infected. That would be a royal pain.


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