Will the real #ScottAllen please stand up?

HashtagMeSince Google+ and now Facebook have added hashtags, there’s a whole new level of branding and reputation management opening up. In light of that, I think I’d better lay a strong and early claim to #ScottAllen.

So, if you’re looking for the real #ScottAllen, you’ve found me.  🙂  I’m also on TwitterFacebookGoogle PlusLinkedIn, InstagramEmpire Avenue, and just about everywhere else on the social web.

I am NOT…

  • K. Scott Allen aka @OdeToCode (I consider myself an ex-coder)
  • The 1964 Olympic bronze medalist in men’s figure skating (I took lessons at Ice Capades when I was 8…does that count?)
  • Director of the United Heritage Center at The Dell Diamond (though I live right around the corner)
  • A Seattle architect (though my cousin is)
  • An investigative reporter for The Boston Globe (though I used to be a Guide for About.com)
  • A killer rock guitarist (I try, but…)

Those are all very fine other Scott Allens who you’ll easily find on Google. But they’re not #ScottAllen (sorry, guys — I call dibs!).

Seriously, though…if you haven’t started laying claim to your name and started making your fame, better hop in the game and get on your way to #HashtagFame.

OK, that was #lame.

Anyway… #GetThePoint? #WhatUGonnaDoAboutIt?

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